Laura: Spirituality has been a major part of my life ever since my early childhood and I gladly share that through my art.

I am mother to our little daughter, wife, daughter, animal lover, passionate cook, artist, painter, lover of music, creator and a breaker of old energies.

I receive the information for my art through the subtle/spiritual realms and then bring that information into material form.

I hope you have just as much joy wearing my designs as I have while creating them.

Tobias: Spirituality has always played a big part in my life.

I am father to our little daughter, husband, son, animal lover, multidimensional thinker, athlete and a gourmet of culinary delights.

I am responsible for all of the more practical components.

Together we are "Heaven is YOU" or "Himmel Bist Du e.U." a young family business from Vienna, Austria.

Our focus is on using sustainable, fair and organic materials as the base of our work.